Swimming and healthy lifestyle

SSwimming and healthy lifestylewimming and healthy lifestyle is very important not only for our good look, but also for feeling well and have a self confidence in every-day situations. Swimming can be the best option for every person who is dealing with back pains or knee problems on a daily basis, because this sport discipline is not aggravating for human joints and bones, it’s also relaxating and beneficial for both body and mind.

Swimming is a sport suitable and recommended for every age. Swimming is the proper sport even for babies and toddlers, and also older adults, especially with ones who are experiencing the back pains.

We can distinguish four strokes mainly used in swimming competitions and also recreation – freestyle (the front crawl), backstroke, breaststroke and the butterly.
How does swimming affects our health? It’s reducing harmful effects of stress and overwork. It’s helping with losing weight if it’s combined with a healthy diet and other activities. It can also improve health for swimmers with problems like cardiovascular or chronic ilneses. It’s also recommended for pregnant women and mothers. Basically it’s beneficial for both human mind and human body.

Innate swimming and diving reflex is a characteristic of human babies. This is a natural movement from newborn age until couple months old. For babies holding their breath is spotaneous under water, it helps them slow heart rate and also reduce blood circulation.

Swimming is recommended to people in every age. It’s beneficial for both mind and body.